About Us

Our research centers on skeletal development and pathology with an emphasis on tissue regeneration and repair after injury.  We aim to fate map how skeletal stem cells contribute to the growth of the skeletal elements during development via mouse transgenesis, lineage tracing and single cell transcriptomics. We want to understand the gene signature of the injured versus regenerating tissue with the hope of developing new therapies for skeletal repair.


Spring 2022

Congratulations Yiwei !  Great presentation on your work (stem cell ablation leading to growth plate closure) at the Annual Center for Skeletal Research MGH Meeting in Boston, May 4th 2022. 

Spring 2022

Nicole, Sanket and Murugan’s manuscript on transcriptional regulation of skeletal growth is accepted for publication in Bone.


Spring 2022

Murugan’s manuscript on growth plate stem cells is accepted for publication in Nature Communications.


Summer 2021

Congratulations Murugan! His work on stem cells was accepted as an oral presentation at the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR) in San Diego, October 1-4, 2021


Fall 2020

Professor Ionescu presented in the Biology Colloquia Series at Northeastern University